The Frederick Law Olmsted Papers Project

New York Book Reviews


Frederick Law Olmsted was the founder of the profession of landscape architecture in America and the designer and planner of hundreds of landscape commissions across the country. In addition to these historic landscapes, Olmsted left an invaluable resource of personal and professional papers spanning the years of 1838 to 1895, which provide a unique perspective on American society and institutions in the nineteenth century.


From its inception in 1972, The Frederick Law Olmsted Papers Project has undertaken to identify the most significant of these writings and to present them in context in a readable, published twelve-volume format. As of 2010, the Olmsted Papers Project is within sight of achieving this goal. Volumes 1 through 7 and Supplementary Series Volume 1 have been published by Johns Hopkins University Press—presenting the most significant of Olmsted’s writings to 1882 and major reports on public parks drawn from his whole career.